Welcome to PANICOA

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Welcome to panicoa

PANICOA stands for Prevention of Abuse and Neglect in the Institutional Care of Older Adults, which includes care homes and NHS settings.

It is a joint-funded research initiative between the Department of Health and Comic Relief which is designed to enhance the dignity of older people in institutional settings, following the 2005 national prevalence study of the abuse and neglect of older people living in the community – also joint-funded by the Department of Health and Comic Relief.

PANICOA was launched in 2008, with the recognition that older people in institutional care are also at risk of abuse and neglect.



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On 12 December Comic Relief launched the final PANICOA report “Respect and Protect” which draws together the findings of the 11 individual research studies. Click here for a summary of the report and here for the main report and annexes.

PANICOA aims to:

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  • increase knowledge of the extent of abuse and neglect of older people in institutional care;
  • improve understanding of the context, causes and impact of abuse, neglect and/or loss of dignity in institutional settings, from the perspectives of all those centrally involved;
  • provide the evidence to help develop more effective ways of preventing, identifying and responding to abusive, neglectful or exploitative relationships in institutional settings.

The research is managed and overseen by a project team, and supported by an Advisory Group. Read more about the members and role of the respective groups.

The PANICOA studies

This section contains details of each research study.

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